Drupal management, upgrade and content migration services

Upgrading to Drupal 8 with TrueCMS has never been easier. We upgrade your Drupal 6 or 7 website to Drupal 8 and migrate all content and media assets.

Drupal security patching

Reduce the time and cost of security patching. With automated tools and process we patch your Drupal website within 48 hours of patch availability on Drupal.org. Drupal 6 LTS available

Drupal Migration Service

We migrate your Drupal app into the Cloud, with zero downtime. With Managed Security and Managed Change, your Drupal application will be stable on the rock solid patching process. We offer proven release management and test automation process.

Drupal and govCMS

Development of Drupal modules and themes of any complexity. From a basic Drupal website to most complex integrations with external systems, you name it. We develop for Drupal distributions, such as govCMS or Acquia Lightning.

Professional Managed Drupal Services

TrueCMS works with Drupal for over 11 years. We've built, manage and support a variety of complex and high traffic Drupal websites. TrueCMS is the Drupal service provider you could trust.

We recommend common solutions when they're right for you and innovate to solve new challenges.


Drupal Managed Services F.A.Q.

What is your Drupal patching SLA?

For all managed Drupal services we offer 48 hours between the Drupal security patches are available on drupal.org or as part of the Drupal distribution (if a distribution such as Acquia Lightning is being used).

Do you offer minimum and maximum monthly retainer for Drupal security patching?

We offer minimum and maximum monthly retainer applicable to Drupal security and bugfix patches. However these numbers depend on the complexity of your website - typically the number of community contrib and custom modules. Please contact us to discuss your Drupal web site complexity.

Where do you host Drupal websites that require high SLA?

We only use the best hosting platforms available for Drupal today, in Australia. Acquia Cloud, Platform.sh and RedyHost are the best examples. We could spin up an AWS or Lightsail instance and provision a high-performance LEMP stack, individually configuring it for you.

What services you include as part of Managed Drupal offering?

Our typical Managed Drupal offering includes:

  • Drupal installation,
  • Drupal distribution management, such as Acquia Lightning,
  • Drupal core and module updates,
  • Drupal security management, 
  • Hosting platform management
  • Hosting platform security management (not applicable to SaaS and PaaS)
What do you include in your Managed Security offering?

The Managed Security service will differ based on the hosting platform. For example, SaaS and PaaS platform do not allow active security features. In such platforms, we ensure security by ensuring on-time CMS security patching and secure password management process.

When we manage Drupal CMS in AWS, Lightsail or RedyHost, additional security features are applied on top of CMS security patching and password management:

  1. WAF to filter out malicious traffic. WAF provides protection against SQL injection, XSS, malware uploading, spam comment submission, Drupal brute force login protection and many other protection types.
  2. WAF Virtual Just In Time Patching (VJITP) rules, that allows securing Drupal websites against recently announced vulnerabilities. WAF VJITP is handy to protect your website until latest security patches are applied.
  3. Malware upload scanner protects your website against malicious file upload or inclusion attempts.
  4. PHP hardening, to ensure dangerous functions and classes are not available.
  5. Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS), to monitor intrusion attempts and provide timely notifications and levelled alerts.
  6. Real-time malware scanner, to identify infected files as soon as they get accessed
  7. DoS and DDoS protection.
  8. Daily security scans of your server.
Drupal Distributions

Speed up your digital project delivery with pre-made Drupal distributions. We will host, deploy and support any Drupal distribution, whether this is Acquia Lightning or govCMS

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Your goals delivered

TrueCMS turns your business goals into a reality. Our team can help you implement your digital strategy based on Open Source technologies such as Drupal

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Drupal professional services
govCMS development

We host, deploy and support govCMS - the best CMS for Australian Government. Looking for govCMS development and management services?

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Cloud Hosting

Only the best digital delivery platforms - Acquia, Platform.sh and RedyHost Cloud for unbeatable reliability, performance and uptime. To get your most innovative Drupal project planned, built and running

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Drupal on AWS with our Managed Cloud Services

Increase Security

Increase security of your entire cloud, while reducing ongoing maintenance costs

Pay as you go

No upfront commitment, just pay exactly for what you use

Business focus

Redirect internal resources to enhance your competitive advantage – while your team enjoys a fit-for-purpose cloud solution.

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